Tuesday, 31 October 2017

What Are the Differences Between ECU & PCM in Ford

Ford ECU & Ford PCM, are explained herewith complete with their features, functions, and benefits to help readers understand the role and importance of each in running Ford in top condition.

Ford like any other modern car has computerized and programmed components to monitor engine functions and maintain optimal operational efficiency. Ford manufacturers take all the steps to ensure that it is a fuel efficient vehicle and has the power and control to cut through highways and city traffic. All this has become possible because of ECU, i.e. Engine Control Unit or PCM, the powertrain control module.

PCM means Power Control Module; ECM stands for Engine Control Module. Then there is something called TCM, Transmission Control Module. When ECM & TCM are combined in Ford we get PCM. Thus when we place control of transmission as well as engine into one unit, the PCM coordinates better and what we get is better power delivery and better fuel efficiency.

Ford ECM Module
Ford Engine control unit (ECU), also known as Engine Control Module (ECM) is an electronic control unit that controls all the actuators on an internal combustion engine which helps engine to attain optimal or top performance. The fuel injection system plays an important role to control the engine's fuel supply. View Details from here.

The Ford ECM, Electronic Control Module in Ford is a computer fitted and programmed in it that is responsible for controlling all its engine management functions. It is the central control unit that controls functions like electrical system power distribution, emissions, ignition, fuel efficiency etc.

Ford PCM does the work of two modules; the ECU and the transmission control unit as explained earlier. The PCM transfers signals to the body control module to ensure gauges, warning lights and audible signals send signals in turn to the driver about the Ford’s running condition. The PCM can be a combination of three or more different computers.

Ford PCM made in modern times are very different from how ECUs were made its initial stages. PCMs function with help of advanced automatic transmissions and multi-port fuel injection systems. They assist engine and transmission management systems to bring down emissions and improve fuel economy. They also help vehicle acceleration to become smooth, 
improve cold weather starts and enhance engine life. Get more details about Ford PCM from here.

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