Monday, 14 August 2017

How to Test the PCM on a Ford

Dodge PCM

A Ford's Powertrain Control Module (PCM) works like the central computer for diagnostic system of the vehicle it is used on. The PCM scrutinizes both, the sensor readings as well as the way engine functions. When a component within the engine or fueling system begins to conk or malfunctions, the PCM immediately issues a code which leads to appearance of the problem label. If the PCM stops working, your Ford's diagnostic system will render unreliable. You can test PCM device within a few minutes.

Before you throw money on testing the PCM on a Ford, or take risks with such an important component, read this post. It should hopefully provide you with some helpful practical tips as you reach out to a technician who can help you test it. PCM Ford is tested with a voltmeter; however you have to know the right procedure to be able to find the right answer.

Playing safe is wise thing to do. Because if you do things based on good guesses and blind shots, chances are you will complicate the matter even further. So doing your homework and keeping yourself informed is the way to go.

Keep a few important materials handy before you begin your own investigation on Ford's PCM. Refer to your OBD-II, i.e. on-board diagnostic scanner's handbook to access your list of generic trouble codes. Look for Chrysler's supplemental OBD-II codes on the net and take its printout. Identify trouble codes that are relevant to your problems. Before getting into the vehicle's driver's seat place the codes you’ve identified in your Ford's navigation seat.

Ford's computer outlet is beneath the dashboard. Connect OBD-II scanner to Ford's computer outlet. Then switch on Dodge’s electronic system. Keep an eye on scanner brand before taking any steps as their working differs depending on their make.  Keep an eye on device display screen. Perform manual code scan unless PCM Ford you have is automatic. Once you generate problem code, solution can be identified and problem can be fixed. 

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