Monday, 28 August 2017

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Dodge Engine Control Module

Dodge ECM
If you’re looking for information with regard to faulty Dodge Engine Control System giving you problems, this post will help. As you know your Dodge ECU is one of the major components of a car’s on board system which helps in regulating systems and sub systems in the engine etc. With ongoing usage occurrence of problems is a common phenomenon. If you keep a watch on your car, you can easily tell when faults start to surface. Let’s look at some of the symptoms of a faulty Dodge ECM

Check Engine Light ON Nonstop: When car’s check engine light does not get switched off and remains on continuously, it’s the most common symptom of a problematic Dodge ECM. Having said that, one should also keep in mind that the `on’ check engine light may also be pointing at other problems in the car. So it is best to show it to a mechanic instead of depending on half knowledge or guess work because ignorance may cost dear in the long run.

Starting Problem: Another common symptom of a failed or faulty Dodge ECM is that the car will give starting problem. It will either not start, or start with difficulty and stop in the middle of nowhere. When battery looks okay and so do other electrical circuits, and you don’t see any obvious reason for the car to stop midway or not start, it’s time you get Dodge ECM checked. 

Poor Mileage: If you are noticing that your car’s mileage has dropped and there is no visible explanation for it, this poor fuel efficiency can be attributed to faulty Dodge ECM.

Problem in Shifting Gears or Transmission: When Dodge ECU is not performing properly, it will show; as while shifting gears you will face problems; or you will experience sudden jerking or stopping of car. If you experience transmission problem or jerking or stopping, and you regularly and properly maintain your vehicle, there’s no problem in transmission fluid, then in such a case you should take your vehicle to mechanic to see if there is faulty ECU.
If you keep your eyes open to the working and functioning of your car, it won’t take much long for you to notice when problems in your dodge ECM surface.

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